Have you ever received an email which you read many times then you don’t know if you should shout or cry or laugh, then you decide you stay in silence, hold your breath and grin very, very tightly? I experienced that moment last night when I received a Congratulations email by NewField that I have passed the most stringent assessment and got NewField Coach Certificate!

What is more? I hit 46/47 markers of Professional Certified Coach Competencies.

What’s more? I am the first Vietnamese who got NewField Coach Certificate in Vietnam and hopefully be the 2nd Vietnamese in Vietnam who is listed on International Coaching Federation website as Professional Certified Coach (if none submits their documents before me in May).

I am not able to reach this far without tremendous guidance from my NewField amazing teachers who patiently trained me, a person who knew nothing about distinctions in language, emotions and body language, which in turn helps me progress fast in my coaching career. ❤️

Special thanks to Diễm (Nguyễn) for introducing me to NewField. Tip: you can never go wrong with your HR friends’ recommendations. 🥳

To all my dear friends: Pỏng, Híp, Tường, Hằng Hêu, Ù, Hà Trần, Vân Anh, Dzũ Dzũ, Trâm (Nguyễn), An (Phan), Ánh (Chu), Thảo (Phan), Thảo (Vũ), Tuấn (Vũ) and my Coaching group (Kaylin, Chuenyin, Ellery, Joanne and Johan) who have been cheering me along my way, together with me been through up and down moments. I am grateful for everything you have done for me. ❤️

To my beloved clients: I am grateful for trusting me and giving me great chances to go with you on your development journeys. I am grateful for all the successes and lessons you and I experienced. ❤️

[To me there is no failure, either I got success or great lessons for future greater successes.]

And with all my heart, I am grateful for all the meaningful lessons which Thay Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us in his wonderful books. Without Mindfulness lessons and practice I don’t think I can achieve this critical milestone that fast. I hit 46/47 of Professional Coaching Certificate markers, and the assessors were amazed about my coaching presence (the ability of entirely being present and listening for what is spoken and unspoken) which is the foundation in coaching. So here is my secret: Mindfulness lessons in Thay Thich Nhat Hanh’s books. ❤️

In short, from now on you can be assured you are coached at Professional Certified Coach level.  🥳


To those who are considering coaching as your profession:

NewField is one of the most intensive and trusted programs accredited by the International Coach Federation. Being trained by NewField, you will get 125hrs of coach training, and you will be carefully trained, coached and mentored to get Professional Coach Certificate after one year (as a minimum, depending on your level of competency). I would highly recommend NewField to anyone who seriously considers coaching as a profession.

You can contact Joylynn via joylynn.seetoh@newfieldasia.com for further questions about the program.