Dear friends,

The ebook Hello Emotions! is now available on Amazon. If you are curious about the content and wonder if the writing style suits your taste, you can download the Kindle sample for your quick check.

If you and I are like-minded, you may feel an urge for rushing to the main stories. But I highly recommend you read the Foreword carefully. This part beautifully summarizes the essence of the book and it has been written by Vu Huong Thao, currently Head of Marketing at BAEMIN Vietnam.

Friends can come in different shapes and sizes and… ages. Though Thao is a decade younger than me, we became fast friends when Thao had started her stint at Unilever Asia about seven years ago. In my “past life”, we shared the same passion for market research, marketing, and …foods. We used to wander around numerous food courts and restaurants in the evening to explore Asian cuisines in Singapore. On my coaching journey, I can’t recall countless hours we sat and talked about psychology, the emotional world, and people’s development regardless of how late at night. I have always admired Thao’s wisdom, insights, and formidable intellect.

Enjoy reading and contemplating, my friends!

To Thao: Having someone who is close to our heart and mind write the Foreword of our book feels like Christmas, New Year, and Lunar New Year rolled into one. I am truly grateful for this special gift and thank YOU for being a meaningful part of my journey, Thao oi!

Thao Pham

Link to the ebook Hello Emotions!: