Dear friends,

Each of us has many special days in life when we keep grinning from ear to ear because it is hard to hold the joy and happiness inside. Today is mine! 🙂

The paperback book Hello Emotions! – Stories of befriending emotions – has gone live on Amazon (The Kindle is coming soon!). This is a co-writing project with Dan Newby, one of my highly respected teachers.

Hello Emotions! includes short stories telling my personal experiences on my journey of understanding the world of emotions. They were created out of my knowledge, reflection, and practical experience. In this book, you will also get Dan’s framework and suggestions for how to begin seeing emotions as your support. Dan is the co-author of the other two profound books “The unopened gift” and “The field guide to emotions”.

This book is intended to provoke you to question the way you’ve come to understand emotions and to consider how else you might relate to them. It is designed to be the beginning of a journey and not a summary of all you can learn about emotions.

As the Africans say “It takes a village to raise a child”, I would like to take this chance to express my heartfelt gratitude to:

Zen Master (Thay) Thich Nhat Hanh who has inspired me to love emotions and take care of them with gentleness. Without Mindfulness practice which I have learned from Thay’s books, I would forever live in “darkness” and would not be able to “see” my emotional friends and tell their stories.

Teacher Dan Newby who has guided, supported, and encouraged me on this writing journey. Without the knowledge of emotional literacy which I have learned from Dan, I would not be able to “converse” with emotional friends, gain deep insights into myself and share these stories.

My other wonderful teachers including Mark Hemstedt, Marcus Marsden, Terrie Lugberger, Chris Balsley, Jim Smith, Beatriz Garcia from the Coach Partnership, and many other Master Coaches whom I have learned from through their books and blogs, including Carly Anderson and Doug Silsbee. Their teaching contributes greatly to the questions for further contemplation after each story.

Trinh Nguyen, one of my dearest friends, who has helped translate one-fifth of the stories from the Vietnamese version; editor Frank Steele, who gave us his dedication to the book; Stefan Merour, our wonderful book interior designer; and especially illustrator Cuong Nguyen, who has brought our emotional friends into life.

Thao Huong Vu and Tuan Anh Vu – my cheerleaders, beloved friends, and strategic consultants not only on this book-writing journey but also during the first four years of my coaching journey.

Jade Lim, Prajna Shetty, Jolene Kang, Cindy Phan, and chị Ngan Ly who gave us honest feedback on our very first draft translation for further improvement.

Thach Le, Hoang-Anh Do, Anh Bui, Ngan Nguyen, Giang Nguyen, Debbie Yow, Curtis Watkins, Peh Puay Eng, Rosalind Wong, Kim Ebinger, chị Nguyet Tran, chị Dao, Ros Toynbee, Kim Rice Wilson, Jon Osborne, Aseem and Hanh who have spent their precious time to read the manuscript and gave us valuable and meaningful feedback.

Thu Le, Hang Ngo, Nham Nguyen, Hanh Ngo, Phuong Truong, and Thu Do for being my cheerleaders along this journey and for helping me review the images of our emotional friends.

To all my friends, ex-colleagues, clients, and Facebook friends who have been reading my stories, sincere thanks for your generous support with comments, feedback, and encouragement.

Finally, Hang Thai and Giang Do, my two dearest friends and founders of Smartiee. After learning that my part (half of the revenue of this book) will be donated to Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation and/or Plum Village, they have happily offered their free selling service (within Vietnam) through their Smartiee online book shopping channel.

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Link to Amazon:

I hope you will enjoy reading the book and discover something about yourself. My heartfelt thanks to your trust and love!

In gratitude,