Life is boring without a destination. Without a clear destination, you wander around and around. Boredom is like the snowball rolling. It gets bigger and bigger every day passing by. One day you wake up, finding yourself paralyzed in a maze. Welcome to the LOST WORLD!

For not getting lost, everyone thinks about a Purpose. But the Purpose alone is NOT enough. It has to get you EXCITED! To be precise, it has to make you THRILLED.


Why we need a big dream? Because life is full of distractions. If it is not big enough, if it doesn’t thrill you enough, you will get distracted.

Guys, if you haven’t found your dreams yet or you haven’t got a dream which can make you move, your dreams must be very BIG. Start and continue dreaming!

The mix of emotions to make you move includes Thrill and Fear.

Why Fear? If everything is certain; if you are guaranteed to get what you dream about. Nothing can excite you. Risks, uncertainties always go with Fear. As long as the Thrill is still bigger than Fear. Go ahead. You will work it out, or people along the way will help you out.

Why we need a Purpose with meaning? You alone are not able to go till the end to achieve your dream. You always need help along your way. A meaningful purpose will inspire people along the way to join you. Either they are pursuing their purposes or not. They are inspired by the meaning and willing to give a helping hand.

Listen to your HEART till you heard it THRILLED AND SCARED at the same time. You are on the right path!

Written by Thao Pham – ICF Professional Certified Coach