There is no right or wrong if we choose to spend more time taking care of our projects or taking care of the people we work with.

If we spend more time taking care of our projects, ensuring we deliver them at the excellent results by ourselves, more and more projects will come to us. We deserve a bigger scope of work with a larger benefit return. But remember we have 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, we will soon hit our own mental and health limitation.

If we spend more time genuinely taking care of people, more and more people want to be on our team. They are more than happy to take care of our projects at our excellent standards. This way you do not have 8 hours a day but 8 hours x number of people whom you truly care.

The most exciting thing is when people are genuinely cared, they blossom, they are inspired to become a person like us. If we can guide them to do so successfully, we have 8 hours x [number of people whom we care + number of people are cared by the people we care].

Time is in your hand. You can create as much time as you want.

How many hours a day do you want to have?

Written by Thao Pham – ICF Professional Certified Coach